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Microgreen Grow Kit "Top Up" Seeds and Compost

Microgreen Grow Kit "Top Up" Seeds and Compost

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What seed variety would you like?

Top up seeds and compost for the Microgreen Grow Kits so you can keep growing your own delicious microgreen salads!

Each "Top Up" contains:

  • Your chosen variety of microgreen seeds perfectly weighed out for growing in the windowsill trays that come with the Microgreen Grow Kits
  • The perfect amount of compost to grow those seeds in your windowsill trays



Are microgreens healthier than normal lettuce or salad?

While there isn’t a huge amount of research on this yet, the research so far seems to suggest yes!

Compared to mature plants microgreens seem to have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (source one and two.)

Which is good news for us microgreen lovers, or those looking to make their salads even healthier!

How do I use microgreens?

In any place you would normally use lettuce or other green salad!

They work great as a salad base all on their own, no need to add lettuce if you don't want to.

They can be combined with lettuce and other salad items to make a varied salad mix.

Or they can be used as a garnish anywhere you like.

Add them to your sandwiches, sprinkle on pasta and mix them into buddha bowls!

Or eat them all on their own like a wee rabbit!

What do microgreens taste like and will I like them?

I'm pretty biased but I think microgreens are super tasty.

They're like a cross between your favourite salad leaf and the plant they come from.

So pea shoots, for example, are like a mild leaf version of a pea.

While sunflower microgreens have a more nutty flavour!

Generally I find that people who like a salad LOVE microgreens!

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