Hi I’m Sophie, a first generation farmer!

Despite not coming from a farming family I became passionate about everything food production in my teens, going on to study agriculture at both college and university. 

However I always felt troubled by some of the methods we were being taught and concerned about the negative impact they have on our environment and health. 

This led me to step away from farming for a few years until recently when my partner and I moved to our current property, complete with a few acres…

These few acres have relit that spark inside of me and so now we're building a small, micro farm using practices that regenerate rather than deplete the land and our planet.

I wish to demonstrate just how productive small farms can be (often more productive per acre than large, industrial farms...) and that they can contribute to feeding our growing population.

Showing that this high productivity is acheivable while helping the land and environment to regenerate rather than become depleted each additional year it’s farmed.

Plus, prove that small farms can be more than financially viable and have the potential to provide meaningful work for many people.

A lot of these were things I researched during my degree and now its time to put that knowledge into practice and demonstrate the viability of small, regenerative farms.

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